Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

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Re: Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

hdr wrote:

Raw + AEB = synergistic delight... It beats film flat.

I have no idea what 'synergistic delight' even means, sounds pretty wa*ky as we say here in the UK.

Back in the day we'd learn to meter an scene and expose correctly to give the results we needed, now sadly it seems people pop everything on auto and rely on Raw, AEB and fix everything in post.

I suppose film represents a different kind of discipline, knowing the character of your film, planning for a shoot, exposing for the emerging detail so that you place that light value in the toe of the curve.

Knowing what you are doing rather than relying on Raw and bracketing and saving in post.

If I have any 'bad' habits from the film days it's learn to meter, expose and shoot only what you need to...

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