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ArusaHayk wrote:

I am looking for a good camera around $300. The camera that is easy to use and suitable for taking pictures of toddlers. Initially I have been looking from compact camera pool and below are my selections.

1.Olympus XZ-2

2.Pentax MX-1

3.Canon G15

Then I have come across Canon EOS M with pancake lense.

my questions:

1. should I buy a compact high end camera or Canon EOS M?

2. Which Compact camera would you recommend out of 3 I have selected?

I know very little about cameras and will appreciate the experienced advice.

Thank you very much

I would not recommend a point-n-shoot, even as good as the Oly XZ-2 and Canon G15 are, for your specific use - toddlers turn into incredibly fast kids before you know it, and you will be frustrated with all the blurry shots and missed opportunities, as well as the poor high-ISO performance. A surprising number of things in a kid's llife are not going on in full sunlight....

IMO most mirrorless cameras are somewhat slow for this application as well; the EOS-M did poorly in the US because it got a reputation for lousy focusing - even after a firmware update improved it's speed it's still quite slow, so again not ideal. The newest mirrorless generation is better, but you're looking at $500 minimum (the Panasonic G5 would be OK at about this price) and really more like $1000 for something like the Oly E-M10.

I would suggest you find a small, consumer level dSLR - the Nikon D3100 or D3200, the Canon T1i, T2i, or something similar; the Pentax K-500 looks like a steal right now. There's lots of used dSLRs around but you have to search for a good deal; anything from the last 5 or 6 years would be OK. The focus speed will be superior, as will the high-ISO performance; the kit lenses in general are not too shabby and there's decent inexpensive telephoto zooms available for when your kids start to play sports.

I started out with a high-end "bridge" compact in 2004 when my daughters were babies and went through all of this, I ended up with a Canon T3i - it does great for just about any application I need it for.

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