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Re: D2300? Re: Same boat.

rhlpetrus wrote:

Vlasty wrote:

I have been waffling on the A6000 and the rumored mirrorless d2300. The A6000 seems to fit most of my requirements but hesitant on buying into the E mount. Don't want to waste money on APS-C lenses anymore. Guess I could get an A7 but just not enough full frame lenses available, and would lose continous focus. D2300 may fit the bill depending on size and EVF hot shoe configuration. I have a few months to stew before my next vacation.

Which D2300?

Re Sony, my issue with them is the constant changes in lines. Will they suppor what they have started for long? I think m43 has a larger userbase and two companies behind it, with lots of lenses to choose from.

Re APS-C Nikkors lenses, the last I got was the 12-24 f/4 back in 2009. Not a bad lens, but not great either.

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Pretty close to my opinions on my switch. I agree Sony does not have a good history with their full frame lines and future support. However, I think that that the E mount will be around and finally has some legs...wobbly ones but legs none the less. Micro four thirds I have much less faith in than Sony which isn't saying much. Living in Japan we are constantly bombarded with Panasonic and Olympus financials and their footing seems much less assured than Sony's in my opinion. I like the option of having full frame lens options and am doing my best from this point on to future proof myself as much as is feasible to an eventual full frame purchase and or resale value if necessary.

Just very frustrated in the route the V3 has taken, but the 1 series has done an amazing job in fostering my interest in photography and learning its in and outs.

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