A7/A7r overpriced?

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Did you mean FF vs APS-C

DaveIso wrote:

Is there any photos posted in this forum that have been taken with an A7 or A7R that could not have been taken with an APS-C sensor.

I am really curious, why should an amateur (like me) buy full frame?

It sounds more like what you are asking.

I shoot with FF Canon shooters mostly for birds and BIF's. So I use the NEX-7 and theirs range from the 1DX to the 5D MK III, using long fast lenses.

So what do I miss out on compared to FF. Not a heck of a lot. The reason is light, we are all in the same light and generally full sunshine. So our shots would be hard to tell the difference between.

Now enters the settings. Steve, Boney and Chris can use higher ISO's to get faster shutter speeds when the light drops a little. That's a noise and ISO advantage. We all need to crop and here comes my advantage. I don't need to crop as much as they do. When we crop and we all do, noise shows up depending on your ISO. The NEX-7 is excellent up to around ISO 400, FF its still excellent at ISO 1000-1600. If I try and hit those ISO's I crash. Still they need to crop more to equal what I get .... catch 22.

So if that's what you want, then there can be very little difference between APS-C and FF. When the light drops and higher ISO's come into it, that's when it shows.

All the best and it really just depends on what you take. That's IMO only on just one subject. Others will have better ideas.


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