Nikon 1: Once Again no 4:3 Option

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Re: Nikon 1: Once Again no 4:3 Option

panos_m wrote:

And no 1:1 option either. Or 16:9. M4/3 and Fuji got that right. It must be something relatively easy to implement. And a square crop in V3 would give a 12mp file which is more than enough resolution.

If you think about it, if someone wants a square framing aid in the viewfinder, except medium format film cameras, the only options are mirrorless m4/3s and Fuji.

The 1:1 option is the one of the two reasons (the other is size) I got a Olympus EM-5 and I know three other fellow photographers that did the same just for the 1:1 crop option.

This is good to hear.  Glad I'm not alone in this. It is a mystery why Nikon and Sony don't provide the crop option, unless as one post suggested, this is technologically more difficult than we think. But as you say, other manufacturers do it.

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