Geo tagging with EM1 can't get it to work

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Re: Geo tagging with EM1 can't get it to work

Hi Peter

I have both GH3 and GX7 and a Samsung S4 smartphone with the Lumix app installed.

This is my system, and it works every time. It maybe different with an iPhone, but hope this helps.

1) Enable the wi-fi on the camera.

2) Turn on smartphone with GPS on and wi-fi on. Smartphone scans and detects camera. They are now talking to eachother. I can now control most functions from my smartphone.

3) On smartphone, open Image App and touch SatNav icon.

4) Press Time Sync to sync phone and camera.

5) Tick "Rec Loc Info" box to begin GPS logging. Set to 5 seconds.

6) Turn off wi-fi on camera, and turn off smartphone. Geo tagging will still work.

7) Go out shooting all day with camera, and smartphone in top shirt pocket.

Completion of Shooting

1) Re-establish wi-fi link with camera and smartphone as in 1 and 2 above.

2) Start Image App and select SatNav icon.

3) Press "Send Location Data". This sends GPS info to camera.

4) Close wi-fi connection.

5) On camera in Playback Menu, select "Location Logging". This takes a while as the GPS data is added to the Exif info of each jpeg.

Done. It always works for me, and the positioning is extremely accurate, when viewed on Global Earth. A bit of stuffing around with cam and smartphone at the start and at the end, but until Panasonic or Olympus add GPS to their cameras, this is the next best thing.


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