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Re: Samples seem to show more than just image softness...

Marco Nero wrote:

Dale Buhanan wrote:

I agree with your back-ground blur observations, Marco. But I think mostly what is happening here is that these Japanese photographers are trying to achieve maximum back-ground blur rather than sharpest image. Thus they are shooting wide open and using either an in-camera or other software trick to blur the back-ground.

I'll bet you're right. I think we all try to get some background blur whenever we get to play with a new camera. It makes sense that they would use f/2 etc . Looking forward to seeing samples taken at different apertures. I think that members here might try to demonstrate the differences with the apertures when they get their hands on the new model. I'm very curious to see some handheld samples from around f/4 to perhaps around f/7.

I just downloaded the English manual from the link that Visionlight posted. On page 65 it gives some information about the background blur mode -- which is supposed to make the subject stand out from the background. Apparently, it shoots two consecutive photos, and combines them using both lens effects and software effects to blur the background. It can be turned on or turned off, and one of the control rings controls the amount of the effect.

So, these macro photos look like that is what they were trying out. And I agree with Marco, the background doesn't look like classic bokeh but more like gaussian blur from software. But the manual says the mode uses both techniques, so it would shoot wide open and then apply a gaussian blur to the background. That appears to be what we are seeing in these flower shots. That clears it up for me.

I know that the lens for normal shooting distances and at f5.6, at least, is very good and sharp. In Marco Nero's thread a month ago called "first Samples", about 3/4 the way down that thread, boblu posted a couple of model shots from a Japanese site that looked terrific! The model was light skinned and wearing a red dress and diamond necklace. I downloaded the original images and pixel peeping them at 100%. The lens was so sharp you could see the very fine "peach fuzz" on her cheek and upper lip. The detail was all there. You could also see the individual threads in her dress. I decided then and there that I want that camera!

Those were the best samples I have seen so far... but they were convincing to me.

Edit: Here are the links to the images.

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