Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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Re: Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

57LowRider wrote:

Midwest wrote:

I strongly believe that the Fujis are designed to enhance the enjoyment of the process, not as an almost-invisible means to an end.

I don't want my camera to 'enhance my enjoyment', presumably by requiring me to fiddle and play with settings and such. I want the camera to be as transparent as possible to my capturing of a photo; I want the results to enhance my enjoyment.

I almost get the impression sometimes that people use DSLRs as an expensive de-luxe point and shoot, where any thought is reduced to one button and that's it; that's probably why I don't want one.

Once again someone who does not have a certain camera type ascribes negative characteristics to those who DO have that kind of camera, as a means of elevating themselves above those others who use that other camera.

I've seen that same approach with people who insist on shooting manual focus only or who insist on using primes (because auto focus and zooms are for those who are 'lazy'), etc. etc.

My ex has the 5D and I would not dare to "elevate" myself above her - she's an excellent photographer. She does, however, refuse to use any automation at all and judging by her results, I cannot criticise her for that. She wants to control every step, never mind what type of camera (and she has used many, from iPhone to 4x5).

Not all of us take photos that allow such deliberate control. It doesn't mean we are reducing thought to one button.

For someone who doesn't want to enjoy the process but only the result, I would not recommend them an X-Pro1, X-E1, X-E2 or X-T1; with these you buy into the fun of using them at a premium and if that isn't required, there are cheaper systems which will give equally satisfying results I'm sure.

If your ex or the OP has time to lavish on each photo, that doesn't make either of them superior - OR inferior - to someone who uses the camera as a tool without tweaking and checking everything before each photo.

In my book, 'reducing thought to one button' is what happens when someone shoots uninspired or uninteresting photos because they enjoy the buttons and knobs of using a camera more than they care whether the results are memorable - and that kind of user might be using any kind of camera, not just a DSLR as you stated in so many words.

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