A7/A7r overpriced?

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Re: A7/A7r overpriced?


I think the problem with your question is the word overpriced. The A7 is absolutly not overpriced for a FF camera( the Leica is and so are a few Nikons and Canons, but not all). You have to understand that there is more to photos then IQ alone.

Yes a FF camera will do better in low light then a crop senored camera with the sam amount of pixels. Yes the FF camera will give you better DR and better control over DOF, yes the FF camera will give you more FOV with your lenses, but it will give you less tele, so pick what is important to you. When you look at CA or other lens defects, it may show less on a FF camera then on a cropped sensor camera with the same amount of pixels. On the other hand the same FF lens will give better corner perfomance on a cropped sensor then on a FF. And there are maybe some more things to think about.

The question should be: Do I nieed a FF camera? For me that answer is NO. A APS camera is good enough for me. I still like my Nex 5 and it might go for the A6000 in the near future, just for the EVF and the faster AF (I hope this camera will give realy faster focus then my Nex 5), not for IQ.

For others the benefids of the FF sensor in the A7(r) is that important that they are willing to pay the huge amount of money for it...

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