Sony E-lenses or FE-lenses on Sony a6000

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Re: Oh my. Wrong again.

wb2trf wrote:

"Is he better off with the FE55 or the bundle of the E50, the E35 and the Sigma 19 which price out to about the same amount?" Which choice will produce a better set of photos during the time when he owns the A6000? This is the first question to answer. All other talk is shirking.

If you say "cost is irrelevant" then I say buy a medium format camera and lens set for $40,000. Otherwise compare apples to apples for a basket of lenses at the same price. When you do this the answer is perfectly obvious on objective data.

You're making a crazy argument. Yes, if you only have $1000 to spend, the E50, E35 and Sigma 19 are the better combo. If you have a bigger budget, there's no reason why you can't have the E55 *AND* the E35 *AND* the Sigma 19.

And there's obviously a big difference between a $1,000 lens and a $40,000 lens. The way I look at it, my four Zeiss lenses equal the cost of a single Leica lens, so the price isn't that bad.

I posted this in another thread, but here it is again--an objective comparison between the 55 and the 50 taken with identical ISO/shutter/aperture settings and no post-processing. You're debating on opinion, I'm showing you two pictures. Again, I have no interest in arguing whether it's a $700 improvement. But you can see that the 55 has brighter colors. It's not the best lighting or test scene, and I'll try to do another comparison with an outdoor shot once the weather gets better.

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