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Joe Pineapples wrote:

The composition is slightly off to one side, with the distracting hair of another person intruding into the right of the frame, and the taller boy a bit too far over to the left. The lighting is a little flat, especially around the eyes of the taller boy. Also the photo maybe could have benefited from more sharpening, though that could be something to do with the way dpreview displays images - the photos in my gallery often seem softer than they looked when displayed directly on my computer at home. Those are minor quibbles though, that make it a good photo as opposed to a great photo (IMWO - In My Worthless Opinion). They do not explain the low votes. There could be many explanations for those: sandbaggers; philistines; the artistically challenged; the terminally confused...

I know I am not a sandbagger and if philistines are persons who as the dictionary says are guided by materialism and are usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values then I am not a philistine because I am very dainful of both intellectual and artistic values. That leaves artistically challenged and terminally confused. Terminally confused refers to "agitated delirium in a dying patient", so that one is eliminated.

OK, so that means I must be artistically challenged, and I know I am not good at drawing, sculpting, that sort of thing so maybe I am a philistine after all because of that thing about philistines and artistic values, but you did have philistines and artistically challenged in different categories so now I am confused but not terminally mind you.

Maybe it is because I am too left brained the hair in the photo completely spoiled it for me. It is like my right brain was trying to appreciate the photo and my left brain kept wanting to go back and try to figure out why the hell someone would put that in the picture. The several other distractions in the photo don't bother me much, maybe because they all have a rightful place in the photo. It is like they belong there because, well they were there and make sense. The hair on the other hand doesn't make any good sense, so it becomes a very severe distraction.

Maybe it is because of my left braindness that I am not very good at creating art, but I know it doesn't prevent me from enjoying and appreciating good art. Just two days ago my wife and I spent about 4 hr enjoying the art in our local art museum.

I guess it doesn't help that I don't consider that photo or the others in the challenge as art. Now I would not say you are wrong if you consider it art. I love photographic art. It is my favorite genre, but I have this hang-up that the image must be created to be art by an artist or at least by a wannabe artist and even though a photographer thinks of himself as an artist that alone does not make him an artist.

Personally I like the photo very much because it captures the scene in a natural way that is appropriate for the subject. If you'd jazzed it up with lots of PP you might have attracted higher scores; but then I wouldn't have liked it as much.


Yes, I see the good qualities and could list a bunch of them like others have done, but what does it matter if that damned hair keeps me from enjoying the photo as a whole. I suspect one has to share my neurosis to know exactly where those low votes came from. Just be glad you don't. Obviously the majority of voters do not share my neurosis either and if you exclude the extreme votes then you have a good assessment of the entry.

About that sandbagging possibility you mentioned. Wouldn't a sandbagger also give low votes to the photos that were better than the OP's? That might be a topic for another thread. I tend to see if the best photos in challenges got low votes and if not conclude sandbagging was not an issue .

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