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Re: Ian: Using EVF or LCD More?

Hi John,

Assuming that you were asking me and not ANAYV, I don’t have a ZS40 yet as they are not available here until the end of March/early April.

I do have a ZS30 though, and I find no major problems with using the LCD. I usually have the “Monitor Luminance” set to “Power Monitor” (“Brighter and improved Visibility outdoors”). That is very easy to access from the Quick Menu.

As ANAYV pointed out, how near we can focus tends to vary with age. I wear spectacles and I view the LCD from about 12 inches away. If there’s a lot of glare I use my free hand to shield the LCD.

I did have a Clearviewer, but I found with the recent ZS/TZ models that it wasn’t so necessary, for me at least. I do realise though that many others find a Clearviewer, or an equivalent viewer, almost essential for a camera which doesn’t have an EVF.

I do tend to mostly use the EVF on my FZ35/38, but then its LCD is smaller, and has less resolution and clarity than the LCDs on the recent Panasonic models.


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