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Re: Samples seem to show more than just image softness...

requa wrote:

I've been wondering about this background blur issue. I know the camera features a background blur mode to enhance this effect. Are you suggesting that this effect is automatically triggered when you change from auto focus to macro focus mode? If so, I'm hoping that this implementation won't also be automatic when switching to manual focus mode at close distance, or can be turned off if desired. When I try macro, with it without a converter, I generally use manual focus at a close focus range then move the camera toward or away from the subject to achieve focus, rather than trying to fine-tune the focus. I'll have to try to figure this out from the manual.

No it's simply the lens imo. Read the review and note the 2 images below with changed smaller apertures. I don't think default settings would select F2 unless it's low light.

There are couple of full size images on Flickr. I think ISO 1600 is bit noisy but hard to tell how it would compare against the Mark I. Dpreview or imaging resource hopefully will have soon comparison images.

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