Nikon 1 V3 vs. Fuji X-E2 System Comparison

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Re: Nikon 1 V3 vs. Fuji X-E2 System Comparison

For birds - are we talking static birds or birds in flight?

Forget the Fuji for birds - unless you are shooting trained birds - they don't have any lenses for it right now. They have no long lenses - the longest reach you can get is 345mm - not enough for wild birds unless you are willing to bait, use calls or set up a blind.

For birds in flight - the V3 is brand new - no one is sure what the tracking is like but stick the FT-1 on it and you have all the Nikon F long lenses available to you - at a 2.7 crop factor too.

CrabbyGuy wrote:

Fuji fans--don't be insulted. This is a real question from a long-standing Nikon DX user who is about to pull the trigger on an X-E2, a half-dozen lenses, a flash, and a case. The prices Nikon 1 V3 v. Fuji X-E2 are similar and I know that a 1" sensor can do a pretty good job from my Sony RX100. I am not very much interested in sports photography or filming in general, but the ability to take bird photos would let me get rid of my D300. Nikon's track record on its 1 cameras is just horrible, but this one could possibly be the success.

What do you say?

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