Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

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Re: Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

bruxi wrote:

Let me start by nominating Auto Exposure Bracketing. I used to do it all the time with film. With RAW capabilities now, it's just a bad joke.

Totally a bad joke, never owned a film camera with auto bracketing or AF not saying they didn't exist-they were just a waste of time and film.

With 4-5 stops of latitude and 14+ stops of dynamic range, you'd have to be incompetent or a fool to need to bracket on anything but slide film.

The only bad hangover I have from film is shooting 2-3 shots on each subject rather than machine gunning, also I have chimped film cameras

With digital, white balance is the biggest difference, that and different ISO on same subjects, Raw doesn't get me much headroom over negative film.

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