For the 20-40 ED Limited lovers, a good review

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Re: For the 20-40 ED Limited lovers, a good review

I'm very happy with mine. I couldn't care less about corner sharpness. That said, compared to previous lenses I've owned, corner sharpness for this lens is equal or better.

I also had the DA* 16-50 for a while and the proof was in the pudding. My 20-40 was sharper than the 16-50. Wide open (especially wide open - the 16-50 was awful) or stopped down. I also found that the DC motor was as quick, if not quicker than the SDM. I'm going on hands-on experience here. Did I have a lower quality 16-50? Perhaps.

Yes, it's not a cheap lens, the zoom range is not great, it doesn't have constant aperture but it meets my needs. It's light and weather resistant. The build quality is good (although there is a very slight wobble on the zoom head when fully extended) and the image quality is excellent. It's my outside/travel lens. I plan on acquiring the Sigma 30 f/1.4 for my "inside" low light needs and the 15 f/4 limited for my wide angle needs (unless a WR limited wide angle zoom is announced in the next few months).

I'm no pro but for what's it's worth, it's an excellent lens.

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