Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

Camley wrote:

Sales of all cameras will decrease.

Absolutely.  Camera sales are falling hard and there will be casualties.  Too many makers for too few customers now.

Unfortunately, sales of some mirrorless cameras could be hit more because they are neither fish nor fowl! They generally don't produce the highest image quality and they are not small enough to keep in your pocket. Why buy a PEN F when you can buy an OM2 (I have one!) and get better photographs?

The smaller size of mirrorless cameras is a dramatically overstated benefit.

When I go to my camera shop, I see the serious guys picking up the 5D III and 800E cameras. To a true enthusiast, camera/lens size is less important than IQ. I don't see too many even looking at the mirrorless cameras on display.

That's because most stores dont even have a mirrorless display.  Here in China, we still have plenty of good ol' fashion camera stores.  A few years ago, mirrorless was all the rage and relatively easy to find.  Today, there has been a severe reduction in mirrorless camera displays and now it is much, much harder to find.   Mirrorless cameras definitely did not maintain their early momentum.

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