Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

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RedFox88 wrote:

OMG... please read your entire camera manual (even if it's on the screen and a PDF) before posting again. Many of the questions you have will be answered in the manual. An SLR is not a P&S camera (point and shoot). You have to know what settings to put on the camera to get your desired result!

Manual teaches how to operate the camera, but it just barely skims on the particulars of WHY.

For example, the manual section on 'P' mode talks about 'Program shift', which is ability to change shutter/aperture combination to maintain same exposure. Manual tells you how to do it, but it gives you no guidance as to WHY would someone want to shift from say, f/5.6 + 1/200 to f/8 + 1/100 or to f/4 + 1/400.

Likewise, manual section on Av mode gives a fairly vague explanation of DoF in about 3-line sentence, not touching on other things that affect it.

OP has, in fact, stated that she read the manual a few times. Manual is not enough.

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