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Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

I think Fuji will start releasing rumours on the X30 soon. With the right lens and a 1" sensor they should be able to easily best the Nikon V3 as an all round package (except speed perhaps).

I am wondering if I will be disappointed because of the rumor of just an EVF but if it is the XE2 EVF it might not be bad. I am also worried about size since I thought the X20 was just about perfect. If it is the same size as the XM1 or larger you might as well go that route albeit a larger lens. I just love the form factor of the X20 mixed with the small mechanical zoom and OVF. Fuji might lose the mojo of the previous models.

If the X30 will have a XE2 EVF, notwistanding the 1" sensor, what's the point of buying a X30?  May as well go the XE2 or XE1 route with the interchangeable lens advantage if you insist on having a EVF.

If the rumors about a 1" sensor, along with improved IQ at higher ISO are true and they can fit it in a X20 camera size, along with a 24-100mm (or thereabouts) f/2-2.8 lens and a OVF with 100% coverage and framing overlay info similar to X100s, and keep the price reasonable, I'd take a hard look over the existing X20.

An alternative:  Incorporate the improvements I listed with the existing sensor with improved higher ISO IQ at the current $499 price, I'd really be delighted.

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