Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

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Re: Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

BorisK1 wrote:

technic wrote:

BorisK1 wrote:

In theory you may be right, in practice you are wrong. The lens-to-body ratio for m43 (another in-between sensor size) is just 1.3.

Can you post a link that would expand a bit on this "Lens-to-body ratio"? Such a number could also mean that people upgrade camera bodies while keeping the lenses.

I don't have a link but you can see it in the Japanese camera shipping records that are published on a quarterly basis on several photography websites.

And regarding price, did you mean that the fixed lens cameras are more expensive and for a different group of buyers?

A system based on an interchangeable-lens camera is significantly more expensive than a fixed-lens camera with the similar capabilities.

Sure, you can pick up an end-of-lifecycle-firesale body for next-to-nothing, but even a single a fast lens will make things a lot more expensive.

my point is that many of these cheaper m43 cameras are not purchased as the first part of a system, but simply as a cheap camera with a big sensor. The firesale sales are a big chunk of total sales (you can see that too in the sales/shipping reports).

I bet those older / cheaper models outnumber expensive ones like OMD.

Considering how many different Pens and Gs were made, you're probably right. What's your point?

that your suggestion that fixed lens compacts (with bigger sensor) are for people with small budget, and ILC's for people with much bigger budget is totally wrong, on average.

A system with multiple bodies and lenses is expensive.

A latest-model large-sensor camera with a bright lens is somewhat less expensive.

A three-year-old body with a kit lens is cheap.

Again, what's your point?

like I explained before: you are totally wrong, on average.

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