Canon g1 x mark 2 review

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Re: Samples seem to show more than just image softness...

tron555 wrote:

Marco Nero wrote:

Mark9473 wrote:

I find the flower shots all extremely soft to be honest.

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Some VERY heated discussions on the Japanese forums the night before last. They were discussing how soft the Macro shots were and upon viewing some, I am prone to agree with them. The shots I saw were simple and showed a very shallow DOF. Even with this effect in place, there was a considerable softness to the images, even the areas meant to be sharp. But what I am seeing in these new images is not a natural blur to the background.

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Marco Nero.

Marco... I have a theory and would like your opinion. I read in one of Canons own marketing brochures that "The G1X Mark II images at 400 ISO will have the same noise as the G1X at 1600 ISO"

I trust you got the sensitivities swapped on that statement, or else I don't see the mk2 being a big seller.

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