What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: My own conclusions

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After all these thoughtful comments (mostly) and whatever reading I've been able to do on the subject,...

The idea that a M43 25/1.4 will take the same picture as a FF 50/2.8 was proven wrong by some dude, can't find source.

I'd love to see that. I'm not sure I'd draw conclusions from a memory of "some dude" !

It's physics, really. A 25mm lens is a 25mm lens regardless of the size of the sensor. The sensor size simply dictates the crop. What I meant by "not taking the same picture" was simply that the out of focus background blurs are not equal, like many believe. The best way to prove this would be to take a 25mm ff lens, such as a Leica M 24mm Summilux and put it on a Sony A7. If you crop the image down 4X, you will get a much similar image, in respect to depth of field, to a M43 camera with the same lens adapted on to it rather than putting a 50mm Summilux on the A7 and comparing that to the 24mm on a M43 camera. Basically, if you crop a picture taken with a 24mm lens to match the framing of 50mm lens and both are set to the same aperture, the shot with the 50mm lens will still have more blur than the 24mm lens.

BTW, I only used leica and sony here as real example to rid my theories of hypothetical cameras and lenses.

Anyways, you can find what I was referring to as "some dude" here: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/50650140

You'd better look again at your "proof". That "dude's" shots were all taken at f/1.4, incuding the 50mm ones mounted on a FF body.

Hmmm... How embarrassing to prove myself wrong. I seriously thought I saw 2.8 on FF vs 1.4 on M43 not being the same somewhere. I have to keep looking.

When you find it be sure to warn Just a Canon Shooter that he's about to sail off the edge of the earth.  (See his post below.)  Great Bustard will certainly want to update his equivalency analysis as well.  In fact, a lot of us will need to do some major soul searching when you post that link.

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