Is the 12-40mm good enough to forego 12mm, 17mm, 25mm and 45mm primes?

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Re: Is the 12-40mm good enough to forego 12mm, 17mm, 25mm and 45mm primes?

DonTom wrote:

rickreyn wrote:

If I hadn't sold all my Canon stuff and came on the scene fresh like I did and bought the 12-40, I would have purchased a few primes. But I seemed to hit it real well as Adorama had just received a shipment of this hard to get lens, and I was bent on a totally weather-sealed kit. As it stands, I am due to go to Cuba in October on a missions trip, and have already "weathered" a day in the rain photographing my quail shoot. As mentioned, the 60mm and 75mm are prime targets, the 75mm more so. I just wish is was weather-sealed.

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Rick, regarding the 75mm & weather-sealing...I don't "get" the desire for weather-sealed primes, especially when dealing with a specialist long portrait lens like the 75/1.8. Even if you were to find an adverse weather application for such a lens, changing lenses in that sort of weather isn't that sensible.

I can sort of understand the need for the 60/2.8 macro to be weather-sealed, as a lot of insect habitats are fairly damp. Of course, the coming 300/4.0 prime is another exception, as it has an obvious application for outdoor sports and wildlife. Maybe a weather-proofed normal lens would be good as well, for street shooters.

But in general, I feel desiring weather-proofing on already expensive, specialised primes is asking for another price raising feature just to raise the feel good factor on an already expensive purchase! I'd rather save the $100 thanks.

I can see some people wanting w/s on the 75. Back in OM days, a 135mm was my walkaround lens for outdoor portraits and candids, and would often stay on the body all day. Since we live in a coastal temperate rainforest, w/s is a desirable feature, whether it be for rain, fog, or salt spray on the ocean.

At the moment this is not a large enough need for me, so the 40-150 will fit the bill, and it's cheap to replace if it gets wet.

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