Canon g1 x mark 2 review

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Re: Canon g1 x mark 2 review

Rohith Thumati wrote:

A couple more reviews/hands on previews from Japanese sites:

The images in the MapCamera article are probably the best I've seen from this camera so far.

I haven't seen much discussion on autofocus speed in any of these articles. I think one said that it's improved over the original G1X, but that doesn't really say much, but I'm reading these posts through Google Translate, so maybe I'm missing something

As owner of a G1X for 2 years, I'm really disappointed with the successor of this extraordinary compact what the G1X (old). As I've said elsewhere, I'm still waiting some serious reviews because the pictures I've seen, downloaded and examined are rather so-so. Probably my expectations were too high. Then I keep my G1X first version. Wait a little. The problem arises when I will eventually replace my G1X. Maybe I'll buy a used G1X but in good condition.

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