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graham the red wrote:

There have been at least two reviews that would rather have the touch screen than the EVF , which they supposed was the choice for Panasonic. I have no idea about that but some time ago I made a decision to not ever buy a camera without a finder where the only option was a screen.

I don't care how good the screen is, the manufacturers took away viewfinders because they wanted to , not because the customers had been crying out for it. They take up valuable room and cost more also making the camera bigger and heavier etc. so they go and we have smaller lighter units and isn't that good?

Well no actually it isn't. I have , they tell me , good eyesight and in the sun, a screen is often quite useless, I've checked with others , concerned that it might be me and the consensus is that composing in sunlight is too often a guess.

Believe it or not, I never understood when folk say this, then I realized ( thanks to Erik), that these folk are holding the screen out around 12 to 16 inches!

I am just starting to get used to a EVF, been shooting only digital, since 2002.

Those who can shoot from 5  to 8 inches away, avoid the glare, and also gain more stability.

I am told as we get older , the ability to see things real close , change.

good thing is , it seems more manufacturers might start including EVF in smaller cameras.

hopefully high resolution.


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