Sony RX10 or Canon G1X Mk2

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Sony RX10 or Canon G1X Mk2

Hi all,

I know G1X Mk2 is still not around, so no full reviews are available. But knowing what it has been released officially by Canon and what has been written on some "First impression" articles in several places... which would be your choice?

Let me give you some details:

- I currently own a Canon G1X Mk1

- I really feel that Canon G1X Mk2 addresses everything I don't like from my current camera (some things I already was aware before buying it, some others not), so I see G1X Mk2 as a great improvement over Mk1 (faster lens, improved focal length, better autofocus, touchscreen, two rings in the lens, much better macro, ...)

- I'm more interested in stills that in video, but to be honest, now that my first son is coming, maybe video will start being more interesting to me

- I'm a lover of advance compact cameras, so I'm not looking for recommendations abour moving to DSLR/ILC

Regarding the pros and cons I see for each camera:

- PROS G1X: sensor size (bigger), camera size (smaller), automatic lens cap, touch screen, zoom speed, cheaper camera (as I will not buy the EVF)

- PROS RX10: probably a better lens, much better video, bigger zoom, battery

So, my questions are mainly two:

1) Which camera you think will have better IQ? Smaller sensor+probably amazing lens? Or bigger sensor+probably a good lens

2) Which one will you choose and why?

Many thanks in advance.

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