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Re: Advice for portrait lenses

sapralot wrote:

In general: Is it a good idea to put legacy (AI/S) lenses on a D610? Won't I lose a lot of it's value?

using the legacy glass on modern DSLRs is actually kind of the best of both worlds, in that you can obtain some of the most highly regarded optics for seriously little money. your consideration of the 105/2.5, for example: you can make really top-quality images with that lens, without the expense of, say, the zeiss. and many people are very enthusiastic about the discipline that one develops shooting manual focus, as it slows down the process and makes one more deliberate in composing.

in short, no you would not lose value -- at least not any value worth having to begin with.

i also like some other MF lenses, which are perhaps not as well known but are gems in their own right. there are many choices out there, so i'll just mention one of my favorites: the 50/2 AI. very, very sharp even wide open, focuses very closely, has beautiful rendering of portraits.

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