Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

Started Mar 13, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

The answer to your question is that many older lenses are soft wide open and some are not. The Rokinon though, is not an old lens. It's a modern design and I've never heard anyone complain that it is soft wide-open, on an X-Series camera or on anything else.

Your first step should surely be to try and diagnose the problem before you spend money on different lenses that may simply behave the same way due to some undiagnosed issue. Perhaps you hold your X-Series camera differently than you held the Nikon? Perhaps the shutter-speed was slower? Perhaps your processing workflow isn't optimizing for X-trans?

Bottom line: being puzzled by the difference between the lens' results on Nikon and Fujifilm is logical. Not doing the tests to work out why is not.

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