Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

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Re: I think you've misunderstood me

nick_webster wrote:

What I meant was that have you checked the softness is due to the lens or adapter by eliminating any possible errors such as mis-focussing or camera shake ?

Cameras with higher MP sensors are more prone to showing up small camera shake than ones like the S5 with only 6MP.

Also I found using the focus peaking that it wasn't good enough for really critical focus, and with a lens with such a shallow DOF as the 85 wide open then you might want to check that by using the 10x magnification with peaking turned off.


EDIT the Rokinon is a modern lens and shouldn't have the same issues as the old lenses I was talking about

If you think it is the adapter why not try to get an exchange for another one ?

Bummer about the issue. I do think nick_webster makes a good point here though. I am sure you know this already, but the 10X zoom really makes a huge difference to confirm focus. If you have already used this feature to confirm that your focus is truly on the subject, and the resulting image is still soft, then perhaps it really is the adapter. I am using a Fotodiox adapter for my Nikon F mount lenses and it works well. Not expensive either. I think it was $30 or so. I have used Nikkor-S (an early 1960's 50mm f/1.4), and Nikkor-AF lenses (85mm f/1.8D) and all of them have produced sharp images on my X-E1. The 85mm seemed to be much sharper wide open. I hope you can determine the problem and let us know how you resolved it. Good luck.

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