Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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kiw wrote:

David McGaughey wrote:

So it doesn't bother you, so it's not an issue. Obviously the decades Canon/Nikon have spent tweaking and improving their AF systems were a total waste. They should have just given up when the camera could focus in less than a second.

I guess you don't shoot kids (or if you do, you only shoot them when you are posing them?). Or sports. Or any dynamic scene. A lot can happen in 0.2 seconds.

Yes, maybe Canon and Nikon should have stopped developing autofocus! We have now at "spoiled" generation of photographers who say: " What can the camera do for me" instead of "what can I do with a camera"

We 'spoiled' photographers may well be saying 'Can the camera please help me instead of hindering me?'

I totally agree with Fuji P.

I am sorry to say, but to many of the "new generation" of photographers are complaining about their gear, and keep on spending to many money in the belief that this is the way to become a better photographer!

People DO keep throwing money at new gear in hopes that it will get them better photos and often they don't know how to use the camera they already have well enough; a new camera won't improve their results.

That however has nothing to do with fast AF being well worth having. Those whose shooting allows them to check and recheck their settings and 100 other things don't need fast AF but we are not all taking photos of flowers and statues.

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