E-P5 Jupiter shots tells me Olympus needs to add an electronic shutter mode.

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E-P5 Jupiter shots tells me Olympus needs to add an electronic shutter mode.

So I picked up a cheap C90 spotting scope (1000mm f11) and tried to get some shots of Jupiter last night.

I think the shutter is adding some serious blur though and nothing I did could fix it.

Looking through live view I got a great image. I could easily see the two main bands on Jupiter, and they came out great if I took video. But trying to take a picture always resulted in a blurry mess.

These two pictures were taken with the exact same settings, one in still frame mode and the other zoomed in using HD MJPEG so both are 100% sensor crops. 1/50s exposures for both.

Jupiter via physical shutter

Jupiter via electronic shutter

Obviously the shutter is causing some major blurring here. I did everything I could to prevent it. The telescope was mounted on a heavy tripod low to the ground, the camera was secured to it tightly. Everything was pretty solid. Hardly any breeze. Giving the camera a good tap with my finger caused it to dampen completely in just about a second.

I put anti-shock mode at 15 seconds AND used a remote shutter release.

Tried quite a bit, but the top picture was as good as it got.

Is there anything I am doing wrong here, or is it just a lost cause trying to use a physical shutter in a situation like this? For small objects I can use MJPG for a 100% section of the sensor, or MOV mode for a scaled down 1920x1080 capture of the full sensor. But no way to get the full sensor resolution without using the physical shutter.

I'm aware of the limitations of a sensor without a global shutter, banding and tearing of fast moving objects but in this situation it would not be an issue.

For long exposures of 30 seconds to several minutes the shutter shouldn't be an issue as the motion seems to damp down within a half a second or so, but for exposures in the half second range it does pose a problem.

I know the standard for planetary photography is movie mode, either in a camera or a webcam but I know I've seen others taking stills as well.

Anyway, regardless of the shutter issue, I'm pretty happy with the results of the movie mode.  It may be small and washed out but it's freaking JUPITER on my camera and a cheap scope.  Can't complain about that.

( Going to post in the Astrophotography section too but this post is mostly about the E-P5's shutter)

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