Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Re: Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

newyorkcity wrote:

What options are there for the A7R in the 24mm range that isnt affected by vignetting?

I'm thinking about getting the Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 with the novoflex adapter but I'm curious what options there are with other adapters along with this 1 (M mount) if there are any.

I tested out the Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 zm lens on my A7r with the metabones adapter. Very compact package.

The lens is very good, I don't do exacting sharpness tests because that's not as important in my work, but I did take notice at the lack of distortion with this lens. Pretty amazing. Not much vignetting, some of course, but nothing that required drastic post-processing.

Weaknesses are as stated. M-mount wide angle lenses suffer from color shifts in certain situations. It doesn't occur in every situation, it depends on the angle of the light entering the lens. It's very noticeable when it happens, and takes a bit of effort to fix.

I didn't end up buying the lens. Even the 28mm Zeiss ZM is affected by some color shifts, so, I'm looking at at Canon or Nikon MF lens for wide angle.

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