Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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John Motts wrote:

57even wrote:

Frankly I am amazed Henri Cartier Bresson managed to take any situational photographs at all.

Expectations and standards were very different then.

This is a key point that is also overlooked when people ask the question "What did sports photographers do before AF?" The Answer of course is that the expectations for the number of good shots and the quality of the shots you did get was much lower than it is today. I highly doubt you could be competitive as a sports shooter using anything with much less AF capability than a D4/1DX has as a primary camera these days.

Not sure I agree with you there. I photographed MotoGP with my last DSLR on 2 occasions. Once using a MF lens and pre-focusing and the second time with a 300mm f4 AF lens. I took less pictures with the MF set up but my percentage of keepers was much, much higher.

If people find the focusing on their camera holds them back they might want to look in the mirror for where the blame lies. With all the information out there how people can still be buying cameras that don't suit their needs is beyond me.


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