Nikon where do I go from here.

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Nikon where do I go from here.

Im trying to determine what is the best interest and what route to take.  Im currently using a D7100 fairly new.  I started small and I think I got carried away slightly, but what the heck, I love shooting and want to be prepared for anything.  Here is what I got.

D7100 Body with 4 64gig 90mbs class 10 memory cards

35MM 1.8

50MM 1.8 Old AF style

50MM 1.8G (just purchased to sell the other 50mm, WAS THIS A MISTAKE, everyone has mixed views on these 2 lenses)

85MM 1.8D

18-70 3.5-4.5 (I love this lens for a short walk around lens, Im tearing myself apart to get rid of it)

18-200 VRII

28-70 2.8 (The Beast, Im finding when I use it its great, however as a walkaround I'm using the 18-70 more)

70-300 VR 4-5.6

18-105 VR 3.5 5.6 Original Kit lens that I got with my 7100

DI 866 II flash

I don't see myself going to FX at this time, although with what I own I should make the jump, but cant see investing 2000 into a new body at this time.  I love street photography (Portrait) and landscapes, some wildlife at times, mainly closeups.

Thoughts, suggestions, consolidations. I'm open clue me in please.

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