Why is Nikon punishing loyal customers?

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Re: Why is Nikon punishing loyal customers?

Scheinrb wrote:

In the U.S., Nikon is marketing the V3 only in a kit with the grip, EVF and kit lens. This may be fine for first-time 1 System users. But just about anyone who is upgrading from an earlier model already has the 10-30mm lens; there is no improvement in speed on the new kit version of the lens and I doubt the IQ of the new version will be noticeably improved over the old one, if at all. Why are these customers being punished by being forced to pay additional money for not only the same lens, but one which takes a step backwards by offering no way to use a filter or lens hood? It has "power zoom", but I suspect the manual zoom on the original version gives more precise control, so that's not a plus either. The camera should also be offered as a body-only option and as a kit with the grip and EVF but not the lens. Don't rip off your customers, Nikon.

Maybe because if they're "loyal," they'll pay.

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