ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

RayUK wrote:

I'm currently looking at the very much cheaper TZ55/ZS35 (see seperate thread) as it occurs to me that the variable LCD can help with sunlight problems, and also there's the possibility of controlling the camera via WiFi from a shady position. And lets not forget Eric's Clearviewer, unless you live in Europe !


Thanks for mentioning this, even though it's not "my" clearviewer, but another forum contributor name of "Gary"

Anyway, sorry to bring it up again, but I notice some new names here who may not have heard of this excellent add-on Viewfinder which not only makes the LCD into a wonderful, magnified full-res "EVF" but due to the position of one's hands and face (eye right up to the lens) blocks out glare:

In use, of course the right hand comes up completing the glare-block, and the eye comes right up to the magnifying lens, like a telescope.

Folded, it adds very little bulk (about 6-7mm):

So far, the best thing I know of that can happen to a P&S camera. Although I have advocated (and "lobbied for") an EVF on a travelzoom for years, I may wind up still using this on my ZS40, when I get one, it's that useful, IMHO.

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