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Tron555 re: image softness...

tron555 wrote:

Marco... I have a theory and would like your opinion. I read in one of Canons own marketing brochures that "The G1X Mark II images at 400 ISO will have the same noise as the G1X at 1600 ISO". They gave the credit to the newer processor and it's ability to reduce noise. If they are in fact using the same (or very similar) sensor as the G1X has, could the problem extend to more than just macro shooting? To me, if you increase noise reduction by 4x wouldn't that also reduce sharpness? In the original 23 images from another thread, I really did not find any of them (macros or not) that were really sharp or had fine detail in them. What do you (or anyone else) think, could that also be a contributing factor?

Hi tron555,
I read that quote as well during the initial Canon release of info... and I believe that the difference in noise reduction on the new model was also attributed (by Canon) to being the result of new noise-reduction algorithms.  But the lens was redesigned for the G1X-Mk2  The Sensor is a "tweaked" version of the original 1.5" sensor which they claim has a few advantages... but those advantages would seem to be related the the image processor and how it manipulates data.  This results in softer images under certain conditions.
You can see the same effect produced in the G1X-Mk2 that the s120 had visible....  On the G1X-Mk2, it was a bit of a surprise to see. [see cropped examples below]. So yes, the new G1X-Mk2 is handling the sensor with ultra-aggressive noise reduction from the image processor.

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