Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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Pixel don't count for much - most of us never print above 8X10 or even web size.

Color doesn't count for much - a few seconds in your photo editor and you've got it right.

Size isn't too important - what's a few ounces for a healthy adult?

FPS only counts is you do sports.

Lens sharpness is overrated.

High ISO is meaningless for landscape photographers.

Why have zoom range - you can always walk with your feet.

Good controls, button and knobs - why bother, you can always get to the right settings given time.

Battery life doesn't matter - you can always buy another battery.

So, the conclusion is you might as well buy any camera you want, because they all basically do the job, and if they don't, well, who would want that feature anyway?

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