Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

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Re: Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

Keep in mind that prices in Europe are very different, e.g. announced G1X II price is over 2x the price of RX100; this is the same price level that the Coolpix A was introduced, and such a price would not surprise me at all for P8000. As long as Sony does not have a competing lens on their RX fixed lens cameras, they might get away with those high prices because there is no real competition.

Maybe the pricing is more with an eye towards DSLR systems, where the G1X II costs about the same as a Rebel with the somewhat similar 15-85IS zoom (where the DSLR lens is 1-1.5 stops less bright than on G1X II and the combo is 2x the size and weight). Both Nikon and Canon will be careful not to compete with their own DSLRs and mirrorless systems.

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