Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

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Re: Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

ThomasZs wrote:

Hi! The problem may be that the adapter is, the cheaper adapters shiny silver on the inside. Therefore reflects light. I painted matt black and I have improved a lot.

I have tried my Olympus OM primes (50, 100, 135, 180, 200 and 300MM) on the E-3, E-5 (with Olympus 4/3-OM adapter), EP-2, and Panny GX-1 (with a Fotdiox m4/3-OM adapter), and alll had softness wide open until stopped down to about F5/.6 on, then the sharpness increased.  Ditto for these lenses on my X-E1 (fotodiox X-Mount to OM), so I really don't use them except in the studio on occasion.  Anytime an adapter is introduced into the optical equation, things get complicated.

What I *did* like about using them on the Olympuses is the IBIS stabilized them nicely, esp. the longer teles.

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