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Re: Samples seem to show more than just image softness...

Marco Nero wrote:

Mark9473 wrote:

I find the flower shots all extremely soft to be honest.

Some VERY heated discussions on the Japanese forums the night before last. They were discussing how soft the Macro shots were and upon viewing some, I am prone to agree with them. The shots I saw were simple and showed a very shallow DOF. Even with this effect in place, there was a considerable softness to the images, even the areas meant to be sharp. But what I am seeing in these new images is not a natural blur to the background.

Marco... I have a theory and would like your opinion. I read in one of Canons own marketing brochures that "The G1X Mark II images at 400 ISO will have the same noise as the G1X at 1600 ISO". They gave the credit to the newer processor and it's ability to reduce noise. If they are in fact using the same (or very similar) sensor as the G1X has, could the problem extend to more than just macro shooting? To me, if you increase noise reduction by 4x wouldn't that also reduce sharpness? In the original 23 images from another thread, I really did not find any of them (macros or not) that were really sharp or had fine detail in them. What do you (or anyone else) think, could that also be a contributing factor?

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