Sony A7 and Sony Zeiss 24-70mm F/4 OSS (11 photos)

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Re: Richard Larssen's 11 landscape photos taken with 24-70mm F/4 on Sony A7

Miki Nemeth wrote:

richard NO wrote:

Hi Richard, Incredible photos. I've been admiring your photos for a while, but this set is terrific, a new stage/era. I am following you on flickr, but these have not been posted there. Here are my technical statistics:

  • none of them were taken daytime, all at night, sunset or sunrise
  • 3 were taken at 24mm, 5 in the 28 - 35mm, only 2 above 35mm
  • the widest aperture you used was f8 (four times), even f22 was used twice.
  • 30 seconds shutter was the most common: 6 times.

I have a couple of questions:

  • do you frame your photos precisely on-site; or, do you crop images in lightroom?
  • when admiring your photos I am not missing 20mm; I mean the focal range starting with 24mm seems to be perfectly enough. Did you have any situation when you badly needed 20mm?
  • You don't use bulb, do you?
  • Do you use variable ND filters, too?

Thank You very much, Miki

Hi and thank you very much for commenting.

I pretty much frame the photos on site and iwhen i come home i do the fine tuning in LR5 if it needs additional cropping. For ultra wide angle i use my Sony Nex-6(soon replaced by the A6000) and the 10-18mm so no use for 20mm on the A7.

I use bulb when i have to but i use both 10 stop and 6 stop filters. 6 stops when it gets too dark to use the 10 stop. On these photos i did not use any filters, maybe on nr 10, i dont remember quite if i used the 6 stop on that one.

I almost never go below F/8 but sometimes i use F/22, specially on sunshots to create a sunstar.

Thanks again and glad you like my photos and for following me on Flickr. I will post these on flickr but i have no rush, i am on facebook with my photopage and regular profile where i upload photos and on pixoto as well so i have 4 pages to upload to:)

cheers and regards


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