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Re: "Soft at minimum focus distance and aperture wide open"

Hello Marco,

First, sorry for so-so English. The more I see photos taken with the Canon G1X mark ii, the more I am disappointed. Your macro photos with the original G1X and conversion lens are vastly more beautiful and contrasting the pictures of the new mark ii. I myself bought it two years ago a lensmate 250 to macro and G1X first version does wonders. I'm pretty sure now but keep my old faithful G1X. If I had to buy a compact, I think I would go with the first version G1X.
For several years companies like Canon have the distressing habit of making new products but demoting. I can save for other things more useful.
Thank you very much Marco. Thanks to you, I bought the G1X in March 2012 and macro lenses. I admire your work as a photographer and as an analyst cameras. One day perhaps the G1X mark iii?? Peter.

Marco Nero wrote:

kona_moon wrote:

...that's what the reviewer wrote in Japanese. He also noted that it is remedied by either stepping down a little (he did not mention how little) or increasing the focus distance.

You may hove something there. Going through my G1X Macro shots, I don't think any were taken at f/2.8. Even without Closeup Filters, the typical shot I have taken seems to be around f/5.0
I still feel that there's something artificial going on with the backgrounds which blends into the foreground images. I would hope that this is something that can be turned off.

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Marco Nero.

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