Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

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Re: Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

scorrpio wrote:

I beg to differ. +/- 3 stops bracketing can be very useful. Also, many people use bracketing for HDR. There are also quite a few JPEG shooters who will rather bracket, pick the best one and never bother with RAW and post-processing.

I'd actually say its more useful today since your not paying a price for bracketing as you were with film.

Its less needed in some respects for things like say landscape shooting as you have the in camera preview but when shooting action or on the street it can be very useful to get optimal IQ, often bright potentially blown highlights where parts of the image are catching the light will be hard to predict, a bracket based on the meter with an extra shot 1/3 or 2/3rds of a stop darker can be very useful even with todays FF DR monsters.

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