NEX 7 really need battery grip?

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Re: NEX 7 really need battery grip?

El Matadurr wrote:

Photoliminal wrote:

Received mine through eBay about 2 weeks ago from Hong Kong. It arrived really quickly. My overall impression of it? You shouldn't get it unless you really really want a bigger grip for your Nex 7. Because if you order it expecting a standard third party grip like you would get for Nikon or Canon, you WILL be disappointed. (Obviously, I'm starting with the bad first - there is good.) It's plastic, and it shows. Mine didn't even have the leather-like sticker they mentioned. Its fit is sufficient - I feel confident carrying it by the grip alone. It takes two batteries: if you use one battery, you have to put it in slot A, or you'll get an error message. Battery life is improved by about 75%, I'd say, over one battery. The other feature on it is the vertical shutter release which does function via the IR capability. Which means to use the vertical shutter you HAVE to change your Drive Mode to Remote Commander to activate it. This means your camera won't go into power save mode. And there's a slight delay (use the IR remote control to get a feel for the lag.) and you don't get the benefits of half-press focus and OSS.

So, after all that, why get it, and, in my case, why keep it on the camera? A couple of reasons: I love love love the extra real estate for grip. If you bought the Nex7 for size over everything else, then this isn't for you. Still, even with the grip, it's smaller than my D600 and lighter too.

Second, even with the lag, it's nice to have the vertical release, and I can just turn the camera off to save battery life - I'm not a photojournalist or sports photographer or the like. And the camera does a good job of focusing quickly after pressing the button. Sure, sometimes if I want OSS or critical focusing, then I swap to the real shutter release. An unexpected benefit to the delay was tripod shooting. I was able to get sharper photos by using the IR release and using the 1/2 second or so lag reduce the shake from my hand (if you forget your IR remote release, as I often do.)

Third: gaffer's tape. Plastered the grip with it. Gives it grip and function. Even between the camera and grip to provide more grip there.

Is it worth $90? Not in a perfect world. But it was free shipping from China and it made it in half the time they said it would. To answer your other questions, I haven't used a wired remote or intervalometer with it, and you can deactivate the shutter by switching your drive mode to something else.

Feel free to ask any other questions.


Rhetorical wrote:

Anybody out there tried the ownuser grip yet (MIG-SNX7)? I'm wondering what the overall battery life is like, how the ir shutter button function effects battery life and if it is deactivatable. Also, I saw the description about using a Canon RS-60 E3 remote with the grip, anybody have any experience using other remotes with this setup, I'd like to pop some kind of intervalometer into it if possible. (Realize this is unlikely due to nothing else being able to use Nex's IR for anything other than shutter and delayed shutter) Finally, I've read similar models can work with one battery only, I'm wondering if batteries are 'hot swappable' i.e. swapping a dead battery out for a new one whilst shooting

Great impressions, Photoliminal. I completely overlooked the fact that you have to change the drive mode for this grip to function. Makes it a no-deal for me if I needed to use burst mode or the like. Not all bad though, as you say, but the big negatives really irk me for this offering.

Agreed - that it doesn't replicate the functions from the original shutter release is irking - but it's unlikely that anyone else is going to make any accessories at all for the Nex7 now that Sony has abandoned it, so maybe I'll have a collector's item on my hands!


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