NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

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Re: NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

Viscacha wrote:

I don't care about theoretical things, I want to shoot photos in a real world environment and therefore I only look for changes that have a practical impact on my web optimized photos or calendar printouts. If I need to zoom in to 100% to see only a minor change this is not really relevant for me. That's what I wanted to express as several reviews and posts on forums tell you that the difference is bigger, but in my opinion it is not. Everyone has to come to an own conclusion though...

I agree. I'm just saying that your results are not that different from other tests, since 1/3EV in iso advantage is very minor.

And to be fair, I see some differenc eon ISO 6400 - NX20 images look softer to me. Can it be the result of noise reducion? I'm not saying it is a meaningful difference. I am happily shoting with NX20 as well as NX300. If not touch to foucs I wouold sell NX300 to keep NX20 for it's EVF and articulated screen i.e. the IQ difference is not much relevant to me either.

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