How many shutter actuations should I expect? (incl. web tool to check yours)

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Re: How many shutter actuations should I expect? (incl. web tool to check yours)

viking79 wrote:

I would say most consumers don't put more than 10 or 15k shutter actuations, I would expect them to last 50k actuations. I think they are "rated" for around 100k, but that number is somewhat meaningless. I think you are likely to see more fail before 100k than after. A friend just had their Canon shutter fail in their T2i around 70k shots.

Wow, I obviously shoot differently than most consumers: over 125k shots in <2.5 years! It would also appear I've been pretty fortunate in having no issues... although I hope it's due to consumer-grade mirrorless cameras being more durable than consumer-grade DSLRs, instead of pure luck, since I'm sticking with mirrorless cameras (A6000 on pre-order).

I guess swapping out my A6000's shutter wouldn't be the end of the world, but I'm certainly going to try focus on being more selective.  In particular, I only stopped keeping my NEX-5 in continuous shooting mode (2.3fps, not 7fps speed priority) during the last 6 months or so -- I was "learning the ropes" while taking lots of shots of my kids, and that speed was fast enough to give me a good selection to cull from, but not so fast that I was drowning in shots.  I've only ever used the 7fps speed priority mode for action shots: kids jumping into the pool, etc.

I've gotten better about deciding BEFORE pushing the shutter if it's not worth taking a shot, and expect I'll be in the A6000's single-shot mode 95% of the time, since there's no way I'm using an 11fps continuous mode for casual shooting.  If the AF tracking proves to really be as good as it seems to be I'll probably even skip continuous mode for most action shots.  All that should help keep my shutter actuations down -- plus EFCS can only improve durability, I'd imagine.

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