Canon g1 x mark 2 review

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Re: Samples seem to show more than just image softness...


I think you may be on to something with the background defocus setting having a negative effect on the quality of some of the samples we are seeing. That said, I think it is also quite a challenge for a compact lens with fast aperture to give sharp macro shots wide open. This is really a tall task for the lens- the same issue was heavily discussed when the rx100 was first released. Many posts popped up asking "why is my image soft when shooting at f1.8 from 2 inches?" Look how small the camera is while sporting a large sensor and fast lens, and you'll see that compromises needed to be made, especially to keep the price reasonable.

I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that the G1Xii doesn't give the sharpest results at f2.0 in macro situations. But then, you could also ask, how sharp is the G1X at f2.0 in macro situations?

If the lens sharpens up for macros when stopped down a stop or two, its totally acceptable to me. I am more concerned about sharpness wide open at more normal working distances where a fast lens matters- ie. taking shots of people indoors, in low light.

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