Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

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Re: All I don't have.

DenWil wrote:

My film camera has no AE, no exposure compensation, no bracketing, one frame at a time shooting with a manually re-cocked shutter, no EXIF, no purple fringing, no green cast, no dead pixels, no oil spills, no firmware updates, no freezing, no restarts, no waiting, no jammed buffer, no problem storage cards...dead batteries depending on chargers, missing files, colors that make no sense, lines that make no sense, incompatible high ISO capability, no Wi-Fi, no GPS, no pop up flash, no image stabilization, no 1.2 lenses, haha no 1.8 or 2.0 lenses either. No LCD screen, no WB, no programmed sequences, no AF, no focus assist, no face recognition software to tell me that that's a face in the viewfinder... my kit has none of those things, and I am positive there are others. Everyone else is so lucky.

No focus assist?  I'm sure it has a split focus screen or something similar.

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