How many shutter actuations should I expect? (incl. web tool to check yours)

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Expect around 100K, but you may get much more...

As with anything about durability or life, there are averages, expectations, norms, means, etc - but the reality of it is that there is no absolute for how long a given thing will actually last. I've had batteries die after 6 months, while others have gone years. I've had light bulbs blow in 2 months, and others have gone 9 years. Cars I've had issues with drivetrain/engine within 2 years or 20,000 miles, others have gone 160,000 miles and 7 years without a hiccup...even within the same brand.

Same with cameras - they can give you an estimated shutter life, but actual experience will vary greatly, and can be influenced by your own shooting style and pattern, the build quality and internal quality of your particular component, and a little bit of luck, good or bad.

I haven't yet experienced a shutter failure in a camera...might happen someday, but not so far *knock on wood*. My NEX-5N, according to the above site, now sits at 47,640 shutter actuations.  7 months ago when I tried this site, I was a little over 33,000.  I have no idea if this site's software can calculate the actual shutter actuations taking into account multi-frame HHT and HDR shooting, which I use fairly extensively, so possibly my shutter count could be much higher if this hasn't been taken into account.

My A580, which gets heavy shutter use because of wildlife and bird shooting, and which I've had longer than the NEX-5N, is at 137,500 shutter actuations in 28 months.  My A550 reached just about 100,000 when I replaced it with the A580 - it's still my backup cam.

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